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Hyrdo Jetting

Hydro ­jetting is the use of water under high pressure to clean various debris out of pipes. It is an extremely effective way to FULLY clean a line of debris. Jetting is usually the best solution when dealing with roots, grease and biomaterial build up by flushing debris out of a line.


From our 12 GPM machine to our smaller electric jetter, we have the proper equipment to address any issue you may have.


Restaurants: Over a period of time, grease builds up in the kitchen lines (floor drains, sink drains and mop sinks) and can become blocked. While a cable machine can open the clog by punching a hole in it; the only true way to remove the grease is by Jetting.


Our Missoula technicians have the proper training to deal with this issue in the most effective way.

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